Full Turnkey

A compact network custom-made to fit your needs

Turnkey Network Solutions

Can private enterprise networks have LTE, VoLTE and Internet Multimedia Services capabilities?

Can remote areas with limited technical resources be equipped with enterprise grade private networks?

Is it possible to have a private network with full control and yet connect seamlessly with other operator networks?

Yes! And yes! And definitely yes!

We are Blue Arcus. We make seamless yet autonomous 2G, 3G and 4G plus 5G ready enterprise private networks happen, with our turnkey network solution. Our turnkey network solution enables mobile network operators, satellite operators and enterprises bring the power of fully managed enterprise grade connectivity to any remote region.

Simplified full turnkey solution architecture
Simplified full turnkey solution architecture
Simplified full turnkey solution architecture

Use cases


Single, Autonomous, Seamless network for enterprises

Easy scalability, modularity and bandwidth optimisation. Ensuring remote connectivity despite low availability of technical resources.


Enables MVNOs and small operators to create remote enterprise networks, with ease

Remote connectivity despite challenges like weather, logistic etc. Also ensuring interoperability by creating Multi Operator Core Network (MOCN)


Enables enterprises for remote and emergency operations

Seamless connectivity in remote areas with our turnkey networks in remote areas, for businesses like oil & gas, logistics and plantations


Empowers operators with reach, capability, and new revenue streams

Remote networks with 5G readiness. Unlocking additional, cost effective & futuristic revenue streams for operators, improving monetisation


Network in a box – more reliability, better quality

Network in a box – private LTE solution. Super reliable, high quality connectivity as compared to earlier Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) connectivity

Solution Architecture

We don’t just provide enterprise connectivity for today. It is Edge computing and open RAN enabled, thereby making it futuristic yet cost-effective.

And one more thing….

Our solution is geared to stand the test of time with IoT and 5G readiness as well

Key Features

Best in class uptime with high GoS/QoS thanks to caching
Enterprise grade security
Internet Multimedia Services (IMS) capabilities
Fast implementation and turn around time