Remote Community

We understand your remote telecommunication challenges

Remote Community Solutions

Need to reduce your total cost of ownership in low ARPU markets?

Need a heterogenous and easy to scale network gateway?

Want to provide better user experience and higher quality of service?

Yes! And yes! And definitely yes!

We are Blue Arcus. We make remote mobile connectivity possible in the farthest corners of the globe through our solutions. Our remote community solution enables mobile network operators, satellite operators and governments bring cutting edge modern connectivity to these farthest untapped regions.

Simplified full turnkey solution architecture
Simplified full turnkey solution architecture
Simplified Remote Community solution

Use cases

Architecture: Simplified remote community solution architecture

Easy scalability, modularity and bandwidth optimisation

Making remote connectivity technically feasible despite low availability of technical resources


Multi Operator Core Network (MOCN)

Delivering on govt. & operator mandate for remote connectivity despite challenges like weather, logistic etc


Low cost (low CAPEX & OPEX) networks

Tailored to low ARPU remote markets, unlike multi-million dollar networks deployed in developed urban markets with high ARPU

Solution Architecture

Our remote community solutions are making 2G, 3G and even 4G-VoLTE communication happen in the remotest locations where even air travel hasn’t reached yet. We don’t just provide connectivity. Our solutions are robust, cost effective and provide commercial and even enterprise grade services!

And one more thing….

We have created 5G ready remote communities with satellite and microwave backbones! We are committed the promise of frugal yet futuristic and full-service networks.

Key Features

All IP solution – enables seamless integration with all mobile networks
Best in class uptime with high GoS/QoS; upto 80% bandwidth optimisation on satellite backhaul
Power efficient solution – suitable for remote areas with low & fluctuating power supply
Local call switching enables a seamless user experience