Telecom Niue partners with Blue Arcus to deploy 4G LTE network with VoLTE, the first mobile data service to be launched in Niue islands

Blue Arcus Technologies Inc., Monday, September 30, 2019:

Blue Arcus (BA) ensured a swift rollout of 4G LTE and VoLTE services for Telecom Niue, a sole network provider in the Niue Islands. Prior to this project, Telecom Niue offered only fixed line voice and data services without mobility. As part of the government’s plan to transform telecommunication on the South Pacific island, Telecom Niue partnered with BA to launch 4G LTE services to provide faster and better-quality mobile internet that wasn’t available on the island before.

Blue Arcus completed implementation in under 6 months and were ready to launch its 4G LTE services with a new VoIP calling app that enabled users make VOLTE calls. The new 4G LTE network enabled the people of Niue gain access to affordable mobile data and VoLTE with attractive plans and other additional value-add offerings leading to a significant revenue growth for Telecom Niue and widespread adoption after launching of the services

“We were looking for a reliable partner to help us rollout carrier-grade quality 4G LTE services in a cost-effective and timely manner, and Blue Arcus enabled us achieve this target” said Brett Collier, CEO of Telecom Niue. “We successfully transformed the island’s telecommunication landscape and can now offer quality 4G LTE services to our subscribers improving business efficiencies and connecting the people of Niue anywhere, anytime”

“We are thrilled to provide Niue with its first ever mobile data services with our affordable and easy to adopt solutions facilitating digital empowerment”. Blue Arcus CEO, Naren Yanamadala, emphasized that BA with its expertise in remote telecommunication technologies aims to enable people from remote and rural regions across the globe gain access to quality and sustainable network creating future-proof Smart Islands.

About Telecom Niue

Telecom Niue Limited is a company incorporated in Niue and fully owned by the government of Niue. It was formed out of the business and operations of the Department of Post and Telecommunications. As part of the government’s corporatization of utilities in early 2016, Telecom Niue was registered as a private company. It is the sole provider of mobile and fixed telephone services in Niue and the main provider of internet services. The company’s mission is to ensure affordability, reliability, security, and high-quality telecommunication services anytime, anywhere.For more information, please visit