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for Private Networks and Fixed Wireless Access

Ushering the new age of digital experiences.

Self – Assured Networks

Complete network visibility with built-in performance monitoring, tracing, and alerting, to proactively manage the health of the network.

Real-Time Database

Enables Real-Time Database Sync between all the locations.

Flexible Architecture

Flexible architecture to meet the partner's requirements.

Scalable Footprint

Flexible to accommodate new customer requirements due to their compact size and space optimization.

Our solutions

High-performance LTE and 5G networks with cost-effective deployment.

Core As A Service

Core As A Service

Core As A Service

Simple to run, upgrade and deploy anywhere in the network from core to edge.

Private & Hybrid Networks

Private & Hybrid Networks

Private & Hybrid Networks

Optimally balanced and support a wide range of use cases.

Decentralised Mesh

Decentralised Mesh

Decentralised Mesh

Provided compact core at each location for stable connectivity to international gateway Voice & SMS.

UPF at Edge

UPF at Edge

UPF at Edge

Advanced network to fulfill the high network requirements, with very low end-to-end latency.

Upcoming events

Visit with us at upcoming telecom events, conferences or attend our demo sessions to learn how we can help you built your network.

October 8, 2024
MWC Las Vegas provides an unrivaled platform to join the world’s most influential members of the communications technology industry.
October 15, 2024
India's IMC convenes tech leaders for Asia's top expo on innovation & collaboration in our fast-paced digital age.

Arcus 5G Core

Arcus 5G Core is a converged multi-technology, carrier-grade, and 3GPP compliant, and cloud-native architecture. It creates a flawless modern experience for the subscribers and incorporating Wi-Fi offload into the operator’s network to support unique enterprise IoT offerings on their existing network.

Distributed Architecture (CUPS)

CUPS solutions for evolved packet core (EPC) delivers the ability to scale the user plane and control plane independently of one another.

Virtualized & Cloud Native Deployment

Hardware-agnostic network functions are available as VNFs & CNFs, Cloud-native network functions provide full automation of network deployment.

Edge Computing/MEC Ready

Core Network functions deployed are network to support MEC applications that demand low latency.

5G NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network)

Provides extended coverage, mission-critical services, reliability & resilience by deploying the core network in the cloud platform.

Blue Arcus team at MWC 2023 Barcelona

Why Partner With Us

At Blue Arcus, we uniquely position our top-of-the-line solutions with the partners to collectively fulfill our customer’s goals and deliver network solutions for limitless connectivity.

Increase in productivity
Return on investment
Feature Partner

Featured Partner

This partnership is set to revolutionize mobile network infrastructure in Nauru, with Blue Arcus utilizing its cutting-edge Arcus 4G/5G Core alongside Nokia’s advanced Radio solutions to deploy state-of-the-art network solutions ...more

What our clients say about us!

Our team’s professionalism and willingness to do whatever it takes with minimal interruption was recognised by our valuable customers.

In partnership with Blue Arcus, we completed a committed project of delivering high-speed voice and data services to Funafuti and the remote islands of Tuvalu. From providing customized solutions to meeting deadlines, there was an ease of working with BA team. Blue Arcus is surely one of the trustworthy partners.

Benett Simeona
CTO, Tuvalu Telecom

Blue Arcus' expertise and work ethic enabled us to forge a winning partnership. Their delivery and quality infrastructure proved to be second to none.

Tommy Kijiner

Offering innovative and advanced telecommunication network solutions is an obstacle of its own. However, tailoring them according to the client’s personalized needs and deadlines is another. Blue Arcus’ professionalism shone throughout, making them a trustworthy partner.

Tealofi Enosa
CEO, Teletok

Our selection of Blue Arcus as one of the network software providers has been one of the foundations for to launch of 4G LTE & VoLTE services to Niue. To provide faster and better-quality mobile internet, Blue Arcus was able to complete the implementation in under 6 months. Working with the Blue Arcus team was a huge success in providing the first mobile data service to the Niueanshere.

Roy Pavihi
CTO, Telecom Niue

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Frequently asked questions

Do we get technology upgradation as needed?

Yes, we have in house RND team to develop emerging technologies based on the requirements.

How good your solutions are when compared with competitors?

All our carrier grade solutions are zero touched deployments, high network availability, and flexible in scaling.

Are there any ongoing use cases with the customers/partners you are currently working with?

Yes, please refer the case studies page.

Do we get 24/7 customer support post sale?

Yes, we provide 24/7 customer support. The team is working from Indonesia Philippines, and India to support round the clock. All the network issues and outages will be addressed based on the TAT (Turnaround time).

Do BA offer an End-to-End 5G solutions with scalability?

Yes, we provide 5G end to end network solutions. Our network architectures are based on CUPS model (control and user plane separation), both user plane and signalling plane are scalable as per the demand.

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