Arcus 5G Core

Cloud-native architecture and microservices-based technology to increase performance.

Solution Architecture

Arcus 5G Core is an exclusive converged architecture with 3GPP compliant interface capabilities to function as a standalone/non-standalone system and scalability from less than 100 to 1M+ subscribers with data throughput up to 1+Tbps. It is a software-based core network and deployable across any hardware platform, including the Core-in-a-Box / Virtualized / Containerized Platform, and easily distributed in nature to meet the necessary needs.

ARCUS IMS- Data Sheet

Arcus 5G Core


Technology Benefits

Core as a service

Network Slicing & Flexibility

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

User Plane Deployments

IOT & Network Interfaces

Built-In Security Feature

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Remote Community

One gateway for all the technologies (2G/3G/4G) and Multi operators.

Network Slicing

Superior user experience by performing services as per the application's needs.

UPF at Edge

Advanced network to fulfill the high network requirements, with very low end-to-end latency.