Arcus 5G Core

Cloud-native architecture and microservices-based technology to increase performance.

Solution Architecture

Arcus 5G Core is an exclusive converged architecture with 3GPP compliant interface capabilities to function as a standalone/non-standalone system and scalability from less than 100 to 1M+ subscribers with data throughput up to 1+Tbps. It is a software-based core network and deployable across any hardware platform, including the Core-in-a-Box / Virtualized / Containerized Platform, and easily distributed in nature to meet the necessary needs.

Data Sheet

Arcus 5G Core


Technology Benefits

Core as a service

Network Slicing & Flexibility

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

User Plane Deployments

IOT & Network Interfaces

Built-In Security Feature

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Remote Community

One gateway for all the technologies (2G/3G/4G) and Multi operators.

Network Slicing

Superior user experience by performing services as per the application's needs.