Fixed Wireless Access: A Growing Broadband Technology

September 20, 2023
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Fixed Wireless Access: A Growing Broadband Technology

In the modern era, where connectivity is the cornerstone of present-day living, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) has emerged as a pivotal player in the broadband technology landscape. It is a revolutionary approach that enables the delivery of high-speed internet to fixed locations, such as homes and businesses, through wireless transmissions from nearby towers to wireless receivers at designed sites. In this blog, we will explore the significance of FWA, its evolution, and how it transforms the digital landscape.

At its core, Fixed Wireless Access refers to providing broadband connectivity to fixed locations via wireless technology. Wireless internet is broadcasted from positioned towers and received by wireless receivers at specific sites. FWA falls under the umbrella of Wireless WAN (WWAN) and Hybrid WAN, where it serves several critical roles:

  1. Primary Wireless Connectivity: FWA is the sole wireless connectivity solution, delivering high-speed internet access to locations lacking wired infrastructure. 
  2. Hybrid WAN Solution: FWA complements wired access by providing an additional wireless channel, thus boosting available bandwidth. This ensures that users and businesses have versatile and robust connectivity options.
  3. Wireless Failover Link: FWA is a dependable backup link that steps in when the primary wired connection faces disruptions, safeguarding against downtime.

FWA: From Periphery to Prominence

Earlier, Fixed Wireless Access received limited attention from broadband providers who predominantly focused on wired-line offerings. However, recent advancements in wireless technology have propelled FWA into the spotlight. FWA has transitioned from a peripheral concept to a mainstream contender with the proliferation of high-speed LTE networks and the burgeoning promise of 5G as a primary connectivity option.

The Booming FWA Market

The growth trajectory of FWA is unmistakable, as affirmed by a recent report from JC Market Research. It predicts that the FWA market will skyrocket to $21.7 billion by 2029. This exponential rise underscores the increasing demand for FWA’s capabilities in residential and business contexts.

How FWA Benefits Enterprise Business Customers

Fixed Wireless Access has now captured the attention of enterprises. Businesses are not only curious about what FWA is but are also eager to harness its advantages. Here’s how FWA can benefit enterprise customers:

  1. Reliable connectivity: FWA offers a reliable and consistent internet connection, which is crucial for businesses dependent on seamless digital operations.
  2. Scalable Bandwidth: With the ability to augment wired access, FWA provides scalable bandwidth, ensuring businesses adapt to changing connectivity demands. 
  3. Redundancy and Resilience: FWA is a valuable failover option, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations even during network outages.

Conclusion: Fixed Wireless Access has evolved from an obscure concept to a dynamic and integral part of our digital future. Businesses, business establishments, and residential complexes will benefit from its potential, versatility and reliability by keeping all seamlessly connected in a rapidly evolving world.

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