MWC 2023 Wrap Up

March 16, 2023
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MWC Barcelona 2023 recently pulled the curtains as it concluded the event, which saw more than 88,500 people from 200+ countries over the four days in Barcelona to witness and be a part of a technological space of networking, innovation, and commerce. The "Velocity" event theme brought forth discussions across multiple areas in 5G, AI, private networks, digital transformation, eSIM, sustainability, and fair share.

I will briefly share how Blue Arcus capitalized on being in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2023 event.

One of the MWC 2023 event themes was “5G Acceleration & Monetization”. The theme resonated well with Blue Arcus, our ecosystem partners, and customers, as the conference helped participants focus beyond Wi-Fi replacement and simple connectivity. The central touch point for Blue Arcus this year was "Private 5G Network" as we showcased the vision for our flagship product, "Arcus Converged Core", to enable cost-effective deployments for LTE & 5G Networks.

The highlight of the show was our collaboration with our partners Lekha Wireless and Intel to accelerate the Next–Gen manufacturing industry with 5G solutions. Our experts showcased a live demo on anomaly detection & early warning model of fault detection using an E2E 5G Private Network use case on the Intel Smart Edge platform to give a one-stop solution enabling enterprise networks. Visitors from around the world came to meet the Blue Arcus team at MWC to talk about the proven global support capabilities of Arcus Core. Our sales and management team were busy presenting our cloud-native and scalable solution offerings built to support several different deployment models. Many customers, new prospects and industry analysts showed up this year, which was a huge boost compared to 2022’s "post-covid" event.

We were proud to have our mobile core featured at partner booths during the live demonstrations. It certainly adds credit to our partnership program as we continue to grow our partner base of system integrators and RAN vendors and promote our differentiators in the market.

Conversations about the Private 5G Network were everywhere at the conference. The challenge is scaling and monetizing its untapped potential for enterprises looking to accelerate digital transformation by providing speed, innovation, enhanced security, and business cost savings across industries.

Overall, MWC 2023 was a success for Blue Arcus and the telecom community. Lots of meetings and new discussions, and we got to check on our valuable clients through face-to-face interactions. We can’t wait for MWC Barcelona 2024. If you missed us at the show, we would still love to hear from you at

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