Private 5G Networking is on the Rise

April 12, 2023
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Whether you are an industrial, a mine, a port or an airport, you must connect the ever-increasing number of device types. Machines, robots, and sensor devices must connect to your network to improve business efficiency. Private 5G is the logical choice for implementing a private network. Secured, high-speed, easy to deploy and maintain Private 5G networks bring the best of Wireless LAN technology and Mobile networks.

Private 5G networks will revolutionize your business
Enhanced security: Designed with robust security features that limit access to authorized users and protect against unauthorized access or data breaches.
Improved network performance: Optimized to provide high-speed connectivity and low latency.
Better control over network resources: Complete control over the resources on the network, such as bandwidth allocation, network topology, and device configurations.
Cost savings: More cost-effective than public networks or cloud-based services, especially for large organizations with significant network requirements.
Centralized Management: Centrally managed, allowing for more straightforward configuration and monitoring of network devices and services.

Blue Arcus accumulated years of experience in Mobile connectivity and has been deployed worldwide. Blue Arcus Private 5G Network is an all-inclusive solution that can help your business solve current IT challenges, gain operational efficiencies, and prepare you for the next generation of connectivity.

What can Blue Arcus’s Private Network provide?
• Enhanced Performance
• Interoperability
• Increased Security
• Increased Responsiveness
• Enhanced ROI

Ideal for Many Industry Cases
Industry 4.0: Industry 4.0 is today equipped with multiple radio technologies. Private 5G campus networks can provide industrial manufacturers with highly reliable, ultrafast networks that they control.
Mines: 5G network in mines can digitize the business processes to reduce paper and increase worker security and efficiency.
Healthcare:  Healthcare providers can use a private network to store and transmit patient data securely, as healthcare regulations require.
SMART Facilities: Private 5G networks facilitate the smartness of facilities by delivering remarkably better mobile connectivity that drives digital transformation.
Agriculture: Agri Businesses can enable precision farming by connecting sensors, drones, and autonomous vehicles for real-time monitoring and managing crops, livestock and resources using a Private 5G network.
Transportation: A deployed 5G network can enable connected and autonomous vehicles for enhanced transportation services, such as innovative traffic management, intelligent logistics, cargo tracking etc.      

As 5G technology continues to evolve, more innovative and specialized use cases are expected to emerge, enabling organizations to leverage the benefits of private 5G networks for their unique needs.

With Blue Arcus Private 5G Network, enterprises, industries and service providers can customize their connectivity solution to meet specific business cases.  5G network will provide high levels  of data privacy at On-Premise edge to help them achieve high-speed data powered by edge policies with control plane and user plane separation.

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