Decentralized Mesh

Provided compact core at each location for stable connectivity to international gateway Voice & SMS.

Solution Architecture

Our core components are deployed at various locations to roam the users between the locations. The database is synchronized between all the locations.

Data Sheet

Decentralized Mesh


Technology Benefits

Compact Core

We provide a compact core at each location connected over Satellite backhaul.

IGW Connectivity

Peaceful connectivity to the International GW (Voice & SMS).

Local Breakout

Easy local traffic breakout and local call switching.

Realtime Database

Enables Realtime Database Sync between all the locations.

PSTN Integration

Each network is integrated into the fixed-line network (any G to PSTN).

Backhaul & Signaling Optimization

Optimization techniques for efficient use of resources.

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Remote Community

One gateway for all the technologies (2G/3G/4G) and Multi operators.

Network Slicing

Superior user experience by performing services as per the application's needs.