UPF at Edge

Advanced network to fulfill the high network requirements, with very low end-to-end latency.

Solution Architecture

UPF is deployed near the Radio Access Network (RAN) at the Edge location. Bring User Plane close to the edge for low latency services, optimize content, and localized high bandwidth applications. The implementation of packet acceleration technologies achieves the high performance of the user plane.

Data Sheet

UPF at Edge


Technology Benefits

High-Performance User Plane

Accelerated network for high network performance requirements.

QoS Acceleration

Deliver very low end-to-end latency and accommodate high-data rates for edge applications.

Traffic Steering

Routing of the traffic to desired applications and network.

Local BreakOut

Local Breakout of traffic to edge applications to provide better throughput and lower latency.

High Capacity

Multi Tbps throughput support for multi-access edge computing (MEC) needs.

Edge Computing

Edge computing reduces network congestion and improves application performance by executing related task processing closer to the end-user, enhancing the delivery of content and applications to those users.

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