Remote Community

One gateway for all the technologies (2G/3G/4G) and Multi operators.

Solution Architecture

Remote community supports multi-Technologies (2G to 4G). It Offers intelligence solutions at the edge to enable mobile and Satellite operators to provide optimized connectivity to the telecommunication-challenged remote, rural, and ultra-rural areas. RC (Remote Community) was evolved to introduce a radio solution by lowering TCO and simplifying installation and deployment flexibility through disaggregation of hardware and software to meet a variety of deployment scenarios.

Data Sheet

Remote Community


Technology Benefits

Low Power Consumption

Our solutions are low power consumption, no air conditioning required, and easily solar powered.

Site Installations And Maintenance Services

Easy installation and maintenance services cost on average compared to other solution providers.

Satellite Backhaul Optimization

With our proprietary optimization solution, operators can achieve savings in satellite bandwidth.

Unified RAN Gateway

One gateway for all the technologies (2G/3G/4G) and Multi operators. Also, it helps aggregate the traffic from remote sites to the core network and Standard interfaces to CN.

Multi Operator Solution

Each operator (MNO) has a dedicated spectrum/ frequencies/PLMN and shares a standard RAN Gateway on this network. In this network, all operators share one frequency but still transmit their PLMNs, and similar to MORAN, share a standard RAN gateway. The operators must agree on which frequency to use/share on the radio node.


Virtualized RAN and CORE can be installed in one VM or Cloud to simplify the connection, optimize, and minimize wiring. Also, reduce space by installing the gateway/core node in the VM or Cloud.

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Remote Community

One gateway for all the technologies (2G/3G/4G) and Multi operators.

Network Slicing

Superior user experience by performing services as per the application's needs.